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May 7, 2018

Riedell factory visit

Ever since we became Riedell dealers we have been dreaming of visiting the rollerskate factory. But to take a plane all the way from Amsterdam to Red Wing Minnesota just seemed a bit too much. When we decided to take a sabbatical in Canada Marcel immediately said…. ‘now we can go to Red Wing!!’ And so we did.. Read more about our experiences in this blog.

Although it’s a lot closer to Calgary then to Amsterdam, it’s still a two hour flight and it felt like a huge adventure. We were anxious to see an all American town but most of all see the rollerskates manufacturing process and to meet the people behind this brand. We landed in M...

January 9, 2018

Riedell factory visit

Hi everyone, 

We all know how it feels to travel, broaden your horizon and explore the world. We love those things too so we decided to take a sabbatical! Together with our little girl who is now 4 yrs old, we will be spending some time in Canada to be with family and to take a prolonged vacation. We will leave right after the Es Quint event, on the 14th of february 2018 and we will be back on the 15th of May 2018 (just in time for the event in May!).

During our absence there will be limited options to purchase rollerskate gear from Ginger Skates, we will update you on how and where later. 

But for now, the next few w...

November 27, 2017

Riedell factory visit

We are very pleased to announce that from now on we can also provide the finest quality products from Roll-Line! We added a selection of plates to our website but when you are interested in other Roll-Line products we can also order these. 

September 19, 2017

Riedell factory visit

Hi everyone! 

Although I’m crazy in love with my Riedell 172 rhythm skates with Arius Platinum plates, I couldn't resist getting a pair of the all new Moxi Jack boots. I mounted them on Riedells high end Powerdyne Reactor Pro plate, added the Radar Donut wheels 78A and hit the streets of Barcelona. Here’s my review! 

Street skating: 

Streetskating with Jack was fantastic.. it made me go faster and do more fun things, like jump from pavements at high speeds and shifting a lot from going backwards and forwards at a pretty high speed (I normally don’t have the guts to do that). I guess that’s all in line with the Moxi message: ‘feel fr...

August 1, 2017

Riedell factory visit

Hi everyone, 

We will be on holiday from the 17th of august until the 5th of september. We will check our e-mail on a regular basis but don't expect same day replies ;-) 

Have a great summer with lots of dancing and skating! 

Marcel & Esther 

Ginger Skates

June 9, 2017

We are really happy to announce there is a new plate on our shelves!

Its the all new Reactor Fuse, placed between the 185 euro Neo and the 65 euro Thrust, for 99 euros it's yours!

Powerdyne tried to make a stiff en strong plate for a very reasonable price. Where a nylon plate flexes more and the more expensive aluminium is very stiff, for the Fuse they used a new fiberglass composite.

The other components used on this plates are basically the same as the rest of the Reactor series, so 10 degree kingpin angle, kingpins are made of solid 7075 aluminium, high rebound urethane cushions compatible with the Magic Cushions.

The plate is ava...

June 5, 2017

Yes!!! Now also available at Ginger Skates in Amsterdam: the new Moxi Jack boot! We already had a peek at the ISPO sports fair in Munchen and we can say... this boot is really something! Because it has more support we think it's also very suitable for rhythm skating. The price is Eur. 319,- for boot-only and the standard color is this gorgeous teal. You can upgrade to one of the other Moxi colors for the regular Color lab fee of Eur. 75,-

More information on Jack, click here

May 17, 2017

As some of you may already know, the new Moxi Jack boot is on its way! We got a preview of this very nice boot and we're sharing the pictures we made this spring when we met Michelle "Estrojen" Steilen, the lady behind the Moxi skate.

We have to say, we expect a lot from this boot. Made for skateparks it's a lot sturdier than the original Moxi, the tongue is made of the Riedell characteristic shearling material and it has a 'hook' to hold your laces in place.

You can recognize the new boot by the big M on the backstay. It comes in teal, but will be customizable in all Moxi colors.

Price: to be announced. 

May 17, 2017

Although in Amsterdam the summer decided to keep us waiting a bit longer.... :-( we do notice that a lot of street skaters are interested in the beautiful colorful Moxi Skates.

We now have all colors available at Ginger Skates HQ, and sample sizes 4 to 9. We still may have to order your color in your size but at least you will be able to try them on and see what the color looks like in real life. 

We are looking forward to skating in the parks this summer!!

xxx Esther & Marcel

P.S. please e-mail us at info@gingerskates.nl if you'd like to stop by 

March 25, 2017

Just like getting the right boots and plates, wheels are very important to a rollerskate dancer. And it will come to no surprise that every skater has his or her own preference when it comes to the perfect wheel. Some say the smoother the better, others say that grip is everything. Of course the surface is also a very important factor..

That's why we are very happy to inform you that from now on we will be able to give you more choice, by adding Komplex wheels to our shop. Komplex is an italian brand, originally specialized in wheels for artistic skating. They have a wide range of wheels in different sizes, hardness and colors. 

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