LACES! By rollerskaters for rollerskaters...

April 20, 2016

Everything about your rollerskates is personal!


You won't find two skaters with the exact same taste.. we all like to be individuals with our own personal style. When it comes to boots, plates, wheels and laces... your choice is unique!

We noticed though, that finding the perfect lace is not easy in The Netherlands. There isn't much to choose from. 

Recently one of our customers came up with what might be The Perfect Rollerskate Laces! He pointed us to 'Derby Laces', designed and produced by two rollerderby skaters in Seattle. After some e-mailing with these super friendly skaters, we are now proud to anounce that we are official reseller of Derby Laces. A great addition to your personal style!

There are two product lines: Waxed and Spark. WAXED laces are treated with wax that feels awesome to the touch. They stay tied, tight, and where you want them while skating. SPARK laces are not waxed, but have similar grip and staying power due to their metallic nature.

We think the Spark laces are more suitable for rhythm skates, since they are a little bit less wide then the Waxed laces. But of course we have some waxed pairs available as well.

Join us at the Riffs & Routines rollerskate trainingsweekend and pick your favorite color!

Price: Eur 7,50 per pair.
Length: 72 inch / 183 cm

Thanks for the tip R!



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