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Wifa boots, different colors and sizes!!

Wifa boots, different colors and sizes!!




Sadly, we have had to make the decission to no longer offer the Wifa brand to our customers. We still love this brand and we value these beautiful skates a 100% but because of our work-life balance challenges we've realised that it's too much of a time investment for us to continue to be good representatives for wifa. 


Therefore we are selling our bootfitting stock: 


- Size 36 Pink Street Deluxe from 204,- for 184

- Size 42 Rock Street Deluxe from 204 for 184,-


These boots are brand new, have been tried on just a couple of times, never been mounted or skated on... 


Note: from our experience a size 38 fits like a 39! 

All prices are in euros and  for boot-only. Shipping in NL included. 


Please know that if you would like to get a pair of Wifa boots other then the ones listed here you can always get them directly from Wifa: 




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