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To get parts and accessories for your skates we are organizing monthly walk-in-Saturdays where you are welcome to stop by to purchase items such as:
- wheels
- bearings
- laces
- jam plugs
- skate tools
- plate parts such as cushions 
- toe guards
- skate leash
- etc...
Please let us know that you are coming by filling in this calendar, so that in case we need to cancel we will know how to reach you. If you are looking for a specific item please send us an email first and we'll let you know if we have it (or we can order it on time for you)!

Next to our boot fitting days in Amsterdam, we are planning to take our Riedell boot fitting stock on a tour in 2024 to specific European rollerskate events. Would you like to have us at your event or your city/town? Contact us with the info and we’ll gladly look into it!

GINGER SKATES CUSTOM ROLLERSKATE SERVICE is run by Esther Molenaar and Marcel van Stralendorff. There is no brick-and-mortar shop, the boot fitting sessions are held at our apartment in Amsterdam: Sint Willibrordusstraat 11, 2nd floor.


FIXED BOOT FITTING SESSIONS IN 2024 If you would like to get yourself a pair of new skates you are welcome to reserve your spot at one of our fixed bootfitting days in 2024. During those days we will have all kinds of Riedell boots for you to try out so that you can find the pair that fits you best. You can find the dates and book your spot here. Your session time will be set to 60 mins but it can sometimes also take a bit longer and there may be other skaters there at the same time as you (maximum 3 skaters).


HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR BOOT FITTING: Please be sure to check the website and the different skates we sell so you know upfront what models appeal to you and are within your budget. Bring your current skates for reference. We have a nice selection of fitting models of the Riedell 120, Riedell 220, Riedell 172, Riedell 3200 and Riedell 336 (limited sizes) as well as a display pair of the Riedell 910 Flair boot, the Moxi Jack 1 and Moxi Jack 2. During your boot fitting session we will also help you find your plates, wheels and bearings. And we have a large collection of Derby Laces to choose from.

ORDERING PROCESS After your fitting session when you know what type of skates is best for you and your skate style, we will start the ordering process. If you want to have a color lab skate you can fill in Riedells; online color lab form and send the pdf to us by e-mail. We will do double-checks on the form. Please know that the current production time for almost all models is between 8 and 12 weeks. 

QUOTE, INVOICE AND PAYMENT If you want we can make a quote for you so you will know what the final price of your skates will be. If you like to go ahead with the order we will send you the invoice with payment details. We kindly ask for a down payment of 30% upon ordering. The rest of the invoice can be paid when the skates have arrived in the Netherlands. Payment can be done by bank transfer or via PayPal. We are not able to process credit card payments unfortunately.

WHAT IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT TO ONE OF THE DATES: We are very sorry but in 2024 we will not be able to arrange skates for skaters who haven't done a boot fitting at Ginger Skates or at an event we attended. The exception to the rule is when you’ve already ordered a pair at Ginger Skates before, already own a pair of Riedells that fit you nicely, or when you were able to try on a pair of your friend's skates and you are 100% certain what size you need (model, length, and width).

To get you the right size plates we will need to know the preferred wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between the front trucks and the back trucks, measured from the centre of the screw to the centre of the screw (with screw I mean where your lock nut is placed to keep the wheel on).


It helps to find out what your current wheelbase is, so please measure this distance between the trucks of your current plates and let us know if you feel this wheelbase is good for you. A smaller wheelbase gives you more maneuverability, a bigger wheelbase gives you more stability. Most dance-skaters tend to go for a shorter wheelbase, most street and/or park skaters tend to go for a bigger wheelbase. However this is a very personal choice and you will be the only one who knows what feels good for you.


a small factory in Red Wing USA. Almost all of the models are handmade in that factory. For an impression, see the video of our visit there in 2018. This was a dream come true (think 'charlie and the chocolate factory :-)


Please know that we handle e-mails and orders in between our other jobs and family life. The entire process of getting new skates will take time, thank you for your patience! 

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