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News from the ISPO sports exhibition in Munchen!

Every year in Munchen all the entrepreneurs in sports gather to give shops and stores an impression of their new gear. This was our second time at ISPO and we noticed a growth in rollerskates from different brands and factories. Although we think it's good that there are more options to choose from, we feel none of these new brands are interesting enough for the rhythm skaters that we cater for. The new brands also seem to focus more on kids skates and lower priced street skates. In the meanwhile, we got to see and touch, feel and smell the very new Moxi skate and we think it's awesome! It will come out in the color teal as you can see in this picture.. The biggest difference with the other moxi skates is that it has more support in the ankle and also the rest of the boot feels a lot more sturdy. This makes this new model a very good option for rhythm skaters as well.. Stay tuned for more information about price and availability, and of course pictures!

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