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New system for bootfittings!

Back in the days....

When we started Ginger Skates back in 2016, the world looked a lot different then it does now! We wanted to supply our friends and acquintances with Riedell skates because there was no dedicated rhythm skate service in Europe yet.. We sold about 1 pair of skates a month and that was it!

Flash forward to 2023 and things have changed big time! During the pandemic a lot of people discovered the joy of skating and as Ginger Skates we noticed that we got a lot busier with selling skates than we anticipated. We love how the joy of skating was spread but it was at times a bit hard to keep up...

Although the big rise in interest for skates already came to a more base level a while ago, it's still sometimes a bit challenging to find the best balance between our regular jobs, our personal projects and of course our little family. But we don't want to give Ginger Skates up! We are committed to keep giving skaters the best service we can and that's why we decided to change everything up a bit.

The past few years we've been quite flexible in receiving skaters from all over the world when they were visiting Amsterdam, as well as the Dutch skaters that live a bit more closer to us. But being flexible sometimes can have its toll on other parts of our lives and that's why we decided to start with dedicated bootfitting saturdays and walk-in saturdays for accessories.

New system for scheduling bootfittings

This means that you won't be able to make an appointment on any day, you will need to wait for the next option in the calendar. We totally understand that this may feel as a limitation but we thrust that by doing it this way we can serve you even better with full attention and dedication. A true quality bootfitting session takes over an hour and we love to carve out that time for you in a more structured way.

So we've opened up five saturdays in 2024 that you can book your spot for. So please check the schedule before you come to amsterdam so that perhaps you can plan your visit during one of those weekends.

If you only need small skate parts like wheels, bearings, laces, toe guards, tools etc.. then we welcome you once a month during our walk-in-saturdays from 15.00 till 17.00.

The calendar for the bootfittings and walk-in-saturdays can be found here: BOOK APPOINTMENT.

What if you can't make it to a bootfitting session? We are very sorry but in 2024 we will not be able to arrange skates for skaters who haven't done a boot fitting at Ginger Skates or at an event we attended. The exception to the rule is when you’ve already ordered a pair at Ginger Skates before, already own a pair of Riedells that fit you nicely, or when you were able to try on a pair of your friend's skates and you are 100% certain what size you need (model, length, and width).

Ginger Skates on tour

Last but not least.. if you live in a country or city with a lot of skaters who would like to try Riedell skates... let us know and perhaps we can add your city to our Ginger Skates bootfitting tour in 2024! We can bring our entire bootfitting collection so that skaters in your area can try on Riedell skates without traveling to Amsterdam!

Thank you for reading this message, spread the word to your friends, and we hope to see you on skates or at one of the bootfitting sessions!

Lots of love!

Esther & Marcel

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