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You can win a pair of Riedell 220 boots!!

- Ginger Skates raffle at the Riffs and Routines trainingsweekend -

In May 2016, Es Quint is hosting another one of their famous traingsweekends at their venue in The Hague: The Riffs and Routines Rollerskate trainingsweekend. We are pleased to announce that Ginger Skates is organizing a special raffle for this event and that participants of the event have the chance to win a pair of Riedell all leather 220 boots! (regular boot-only price: EUR 355,-) Here's how it works: - tickets for the raffle are EUR 5,- each - maximum 5 tickets per person - tickets can be bought at the Ginger Skates stand during the event at regular intervals - you can pay with cash, and probably with a bank card as well (we're working on that) - in order to be eligible for the boots you have to be attending the event at least one day - the draw is on Sunday, early afternoon - did you win? YES! You can come and fit the 220 boots right there and pick your size - if you're not there on Sunday, make sure you do a fitting on Saturday so you know your size. Most importantly: all proceeds will go directly to the Es Quint foundation!! Spread the word!

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