Powerdyne Fuse

Temporarily unavailable unless part of a pre-defined set offered by Riedell. 


The latest from the drawing board of our friends of Powerdyne, a plate manufactured of nylon reinforced with a fiberglass composite.

Geometry is the same as the rest of the Reactor family, 10 degree kingpin angle, wich is made of solid 7075 aluminium.

Available in sizes 3-13


Powerdyne Fuse

  • - Fiberglass-reinforced composite plate

    - Integraded aluminium toe stop inserts allow adjustable toe stops to be tightened securely.

    - Integrated kingpin inserts for easy kingpin installation.

    - 10-degree kingpin angle for superior push anacceleration.

    - Aluminium trucks with chromoly steel axles (8mm)

    - Solid 7075 aluminum kingpins with precise click action kingpin adjustment nut.

    - High rebound urethane cushions.