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Radar Domino wheels

Radar Domino wheels


Radar Domino is designed for all types of indoor dance skating. TheDomino offers a sensational combination of quickness and control andis unmatched for tricks. At 50mm tall, transitions, spins, and crazy legs are easier to perform and fast to transition in and out of. The 98A (Silver) and 101A (gold) hardness offerings give skaters options for their style and conditions of the rink floors.



  • Width: 31mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Color/Hardness: Black with silver print -98A, Black with gold print -101A
  • Skating discipline: Rhythm, Dance, Session, Shuffle
  • Category: Indoor performance
  • Hub Type: micro


Price is for a set of 8 wheels.


Please note these wheels do not fit all plates! For Roll Line and Komplex plates these wheels are too small.... 


Because of high demand these wheels can be out of stock.. check for availability and/or pre-order via Thank you! 

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