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Riedell's custom color lab - how does it work?

Updated: May 30, 2023

When you have decided to invest in some real nice high end rollerskates, it might be worth to spend an extra 150,- euro on the Riedell color lab. That enables you to design your own unique rollerskate! If you are interested in this, here's some important info to consider before you order: - the Riedell color lab option is available for the rhythm boots nr. 172, 220, 297, 336 and 3200. - at Ginger Skates we have a sample of colors you can choose from. Feel free to visit us to have a look, and even feel the texture of the samples. On Riedell's website you can find the full range of available colors. - please know that the colors will look more colorfull once they cover a big piece of the boot, good to take this into account when choosing your colors (personal experience ;-) - the different materials/colors that you can choose from vary in thickness. The thicker the leather, the more sturdy your boot will become and this may mean some extra breaking in time. For some parts of the boots, like the sides, it is not always recomended to choose the soft suède leather because it will give you less ankle support. Of course for some people this is a good thing, so feel free if this is what you want. However, the 297 boot for example is already a sturdy boot and it will still be sturdy even when you choose suède because this boot is built from multiple layers of high quality leather. The 172 is already a softer boot, so if you use suède, it might become a bit softer after breaking in. - every color lab boot is 100% handmade in Red Wing the USA (see our blog from may 2018 from when we visited the factory). This means that your boot may be slightly different sized then the boot you tried on at Ginger Skates. So unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will get the exact same fit as a regular black boot. The differences will be minimal, but it is good to know this in advance. - production will take 8 to 10 weeks but sometimes even longer, depending on how many skates are in production at Riedell color lab. - because your boot is handmade especially for you, it cannot be returned. - payment is in two terms, 30% up front and the rest after we've received your boots in Amsterdam. Enjoy your process! And we are happy to brainstorm with you, even when your friends or family no longer want to talk to you about it ;-) WARNING: going for a custom color boot may cause several sleepless nights and endless hours of combining colors before you are ready to choose, and some extremely nervous moments when they've finale arrived ;-) But it is all worth it!!! Below you will find some pictures of custom boots, for your inspiration :) For the latest, see our facebook album or Instagram page.

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