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Exciting news about... WHEELS!!

Just like getting the right boots and plates, wheels are very important to a rollerskate dancer. And it will come to no surprise that every skater has his or her own preference when it comes to the perfect wheel. Some say the smoother the better, others say that grip is everything. Of course the surface is also a very important factor.. That's why we are very happy to inform you that from now on we will be able to give you more choice, by adding Komplex wheels to our shop. Komplex is an italian brand, originally specialized in wheels for artistic skating. They have a wide range of wheels in different sizes, hardness and colors. These wheels are used by some of the finest rhythm skaters that we know: Skate Lisa (UK), Tony Limtiaco (USA) and Sascha Dornhöfer from the Infamous Skating Couple (GE). The technical specs of these wheels can be a bit confusing since they use different ratings but we can translate the specs for you to usability. And we have some try-out wheels available at Ginger Skates headquarters so let us know if you would like to give them a try. Most of the wheels are quite hard, so they are best used for indoor skating although we are testing out the softest wheels for outside as well. So what do these gorgeous wheels cost? For example, a set of 8 Ghibli 57 mm wheels is EUR 60,-. The Angel wheels 38a are EUR 42,- for 8. All prices will be listed on our website soon. - special thanks to Lisa, Tony, Alexandra and Sacha for being expert advisers -

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