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Ginger Skates is taking a break!

Hi everyone,

We all know how it feels to travel, broaden your horizon and explore the world. We love those things too so we decided to take a sabbatical! Together with our little girl who is now 4 yrs old, we will be spending some time in Canada to be with family and to take a prolonged vacation. We will leave right after the Es Quint event, on the 14th of february 2018 and we will be back on the 15th of May 2018 (just in time for the event in May!).

During our absence there will be limited options to purchase rollerskate gear from Ginger Skates, we will update you on how and where later.

But for now, the next few weeks may be the right time for you to get your wheels, bearings, laces, boots and plates.

Due to our departure right after the Es Quint event we will not be attending the event on Sunday, so we will only be there on Friday and Saturday! Let us know in time if you would like to do a fitting.

xxx Esther & Marcel

P.S. needless to say we will bring our rollerskates to Canada, Esther may even teach some classes Es quint style while we are there! ;-) Stay tuned for pics..

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